Cruise and Luxury Trip in Andaman - Things To Do, See, and Eat

Fond of beaches? Fond of clean beaches? Love sun bathing? Don't care about tanning? Need a relaxing vacation with family/friends? Andaman is your the vacation what you're looking for. Famous of their clean beaches, clean roads, amazing people, good food specially sea food. And is one of the top honeymoon spots too now a days.

Just a tip - Please plan your hotels, ferries, flights etc. before hand because this place can get expensive during the season! But it's all worth it. We planned the trip in February which is the best season to go, the temperature was max. 30 degree's and min. 21 at night. So plan according to the weather and if you have any more questions ask away.

Below are the places we followed to see and do in Andaman.

port blair harbor from where all cruises and ships leave for islands. even havelock island.
Port Blair Harbor - All ferries leave from here

Flight from Delhi is approx. 4 hour long flight so on that day prefer to take it light, eat local food at Port Blair, enjoy the local touristy places in that area.

"LightHouse" restaurant (very much recommended) for lunch. Amazing sea food prepared by Bengali chef's.

"Cellular Jail" to see the architecture, view of Port Blair from top. This is the exact same place where some of the freedom fighters were living & fighting for their life from Britishers.

Port Blair Cellular Jail, during the war

Port Blair Cellular Jail Museum

"Port Blair Harbor" - The place where all the ferries leave from, to any island. Private as well as Government Ferries.

One of the most famous islands nearby is "Havelock Island" - which is approx. 2.5 hour sail on the ferry. It's a beautiful and clean island with lot of beaches, some of the hotels have private beaches so if you get to choose them, that would be great.

Havelock Island Private Beach of Hotel

Resort we stayed at Havelock Island, Andaman

We stayed at "Symphony Resort", a really beautiful resort with a private beach where you can go anytime. They have clean rooms, clean bathrooms. And since it is situated in the main market and there are some good restaurants nearby that you can just walk by and enjoy.

Recommended Restaurants - Coco Restaurant, Welcome Restaurant, Red Snapper Restaurant.

You can rent a bike or a cycle and visit various other beaches in Havelock Island. Again, please rent it in advance and if bargaining seems to be an option - go ahead and try that.

Top Beaches in Havelock Island, Andamans

"Kalapathar Beach", is another very beautiful and clean beach. You can sit back and relax or maybe have a small picnic there. It's a small beach and not touristy so only locals can tell you about it. You'll find different patterns of wood logs on every beach, and they're amazing to observe, pose and click pictures with.

Since the weather in Andaman in hot, please don't forget sunscreen (obvious?!). Please carry your water and snacks wherever you go, since this is a touristy destination, whatever local sells would be double the cost of a normal market rate price which is obvious because everything here is exported from Chennai.

The local street food is good to try. They're famous for their fruit chaats and Bhel. You must try that and keep space for local restaurants too because they serve amazing sea food here.

Top Travel Blogs in India - Beaches in Havelock Island, Andamans

Another local beach that you can enjoy is - "Radhanagar Beach"
One of the most famous and amazing beaches in Havelock. A beach where you can lay down, relax or just swim in the crystal clear water which is one amazing thing to see. A perfect game with the waves to play. One must try Yellow coconut water there. It's a speciality in Havelock.

"Scuba Diving" is a famous water sport in Havelock and if you're lucky (like we were) you can see many corals and fishes deep down. Just opt for the correct agency who is taking you there.

We recommend "". They had friendly mentors to take you around in water. This was one of the most amazing experience we did till now in our life. And one must do this irrespective of the fact that you know swimming or not (we didn't).

Top Beaches in Havelock Island, Andaman

"Elephant Beach" which is a short 10 minute boat ride from Havelock Harbor. You can buy the tickets online or from the harbor. Better would be to book them in advance maybe a day or two before or online if they sell it.
If you want to buy from the harbor, there is a special boot/section is there for people who wish to go to Elephant Beach. "Snorkeling" is complementary with your ticket. You just have to float inside the water to see the corals which is worth doing. This is one of the beaches where we saw many different kinds of wood logs with deep roots worth noticing for.

Top Beaches in India Havelock Island

Take a private ferry to "Neil Island" (we highly recommend Macruzz) which is 1 hour ride from Havelock Harbor. The saying that Neil Island got "clear turquoise sea and white sand beaches" is actually true.

We stayed at a cozy hotel named - "Pearl Park". This is adjacent to one of the most famous and touristy beaches in Neil Island and is walking distance so without any trouble you can visit anytime you want. Another reason why we recommend this hotel is because of their friendly staff and good affordable/cheap food. Try if you can get a room with a view (we had one).

Visit "Laxmanpur Beach".

Another top island in Andaman

Top Beaches in Neil Island by one of the best travel blog

Top places to visit in Neil Island, Andaman

This is "Laxmanpur Bridge", be careful while you are walking towards it, you'll see lot of star fishes down there. Luckily enough, we saw a red star fish there.  Plus the walking can get a little slippery here. And the reason behind why it is called as laxmanpur bridge is that there're naturally fallen stones in the form of bridge. It is also called as natural coral bridge.

Top Beaches in Neil Island in Andamans, by one of the best travel bloggers

Visit "Bharatpur Beach", if you are interested in more water sport activities, this is the perfect beach for you.

Prefer to take the same private ferry (Macruzz) back to Port Blair, its a clean and convenient ferry. Some of the recommended restaurants in Port Blair are : Icy Spicy (Vegetarian), TSG

If you have sometime left in evening, do visit the "Light & Sound Show" at Cellular Jail. It's a representation of how/what exactly happened in Cellular Jail and the show is very informative and represented via sound effects and lights, hence the name of that show.

If you have any more questions, please comment and I'll get back to you at the earliest. But if you are a non vegetarian and a sea food lover, do enjoy your time and food here.



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